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How to See Your Friends Activity on Spotify

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We don’t need any introduction when it comes to “Spotify” as it is a well-known music streaming app in the world of entertainment or music. Moreover, it's no longer a secret that Spotify owns more than 182 million users worldwide if we check its 2022 record. Hence, do you think a sneak peek will be harder in this large network? Then, it would help if you rethought it as it has an inbuilt “Spotify Friend Activity” option that lets you know your friend activity very easily. To learn and view the “Spotify Friend Activity” option, you need to install the Spotify Friend Activity extension on your device. 

Consequently, it will give you a lot of opportunities to learn and follow most of your friends’ activities online on Spotify. Installing the Spotify Friend Activity extension will enable you to know about all music your buddies are listening to on the Spotify desktop or smartphone app. Furthermore, besides view Spotify Friend Activity, you will also learn about disabling or enabling the Friends Activity pane on the right side. And also information regarding how you can find and add new friends to follow on Spotify. 

Adding on, you will also learn about hiding your own listening activity. It is essential from the perspective of privacy, as only some people want their friends to see what they are listening to on Spotify. And also, regarding their ongoing online activity on Spotify, so stay tuned to the bottom of the information to ensure every relevancy. 

How to Disable or See Friends Activity on Spotify? 

1. The primary or easiest way to see your friends’ online activity is by accessing the Spotify app on your desktop. Moreover, installing the Spotify app can smoothly perform on a number of desktops such as Linux, Windows, Mac, and Chromebook.

2. Next, ensure to enable the “Spotify Friend Activity” activity sidebar in the Spotify app. But usually, the “Spotify Friend Activity” activity sidebar is enabled by default which you can see once you open the Spotify app. 

3. And this is the point where you can see what all of the friends you follow on Spotify are listening to.

4. In case you are disinterested in seeing your Friends Activity pane. Then, the “View Spotify Friend Activity” allows you to disable it. 

5. In order to disable it, select the three dots, which you can see at the top left of the Spotify desktop app. From there onwards, select View from the menu, and select Friend Activity to disable it. Moreover, you can see the check mark disappear once you disable this “Spotify Friend Activity.” 

6. After disabling the Friend Activity will show you the right pane with your friend's current Spotify activity disappearing from the home page.

7. Consequently, the Friends Activity pane will not be available on the Spotify mobile app. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about consequences after disabling this feature there.

8. Suppose you are a Spotify mobile app user. In that case, it will not provide your own Spotify activity to the Friends Activity feed for people who are following you on the Spotify music app. And that’s how the “Spotify Friend Activity” feature works on the Spotify music app.

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